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    Posted: 03/29/2019

    OWS Vision Statement: A world in which business is committed to valuing people and the planet.       
    OWS Mission Statement: To model such a business and to educate and engage our community on Fair Trade and social justice issues through both retail operations and outreach activities.       
    OWS Method of Operation: To operate as a team of Board members, employees and volunteers, creatively collaborating and continually striving to achieve the OWS Vision and fulfill the OWS Mission as a social  enterprise.

    One World Shop Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities  
    The Board of Directors of One World Shop (“OWS”) serves as both a Governing Board, providing crucial oversight to the non-profit organization, and a Working Board, providing guidance and hands on support in certain areas vital to achieving the vision and mission of OWS.  

    Non-Profit Governance and Oversight Functions:  Full Board
    • Set and uphold the mission and purpose of OWS through leadership and oversight
    • Select, hire, support and evaluate Store Manager responsible for day to day operations of the OWS retail store
    • Set policies for, provide oversight of and make material business decisions related to OWS operations 
    • Monitor and strengthen OWS programs and services
    • Actively plan and set / monitor goals for OWS
    • Approve OWS annual budget
    • Ensure adequate financial resources exist to fulfill the mission of OWS and protect assets of OWS through financial oversight and controls
    • Actively fundraise as appropriate for OWS mission-oriented purposes or specific operating needs • Build and maintain a competent Board for OWS
    • Ensure legal and ethical integrity of the OWS organization
    • Enhance OWS’s public standing  

    Advisory, Support and Collaborative Functions:  Board Committees and Store Manager
    The relationship between the Board and the Store Manager is a partnership, and support and involvement of the Board is critical to optimizing operations and achieving the OWS mission. The Board and its committees serve as trusted advisors to the Store Manager, in addition to providing the governance and oversight functions outlined above.  

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