• A Greener Taste of River

    A Greener Taste of River

    The Rocky River Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce that this year’s Taste of River is going green! We are implementing several initiatives to ensure our beloved event is environmentally friendly. 

    • Trash Sorting and Green Team Assistance: Strategically placed throughout the festival, our trash sorting stations will help attendees properly dispose of waste. Our dedicated Rocky River Green Team volunteers will be available to guide you on sustainable practices and ensure that cans are sorted out for donation to the Rocky River Fire Department. 
    • Refillable Water Station: To reduce plastic waste, we encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottles. Cleveland Water will be present with their water refill station to keep you hydrated without harming the environment. 
    • Vendor Cardboard Collection: We are partnering with vendors to collect and recycle cardboard materials. This effort will greatly diminish the festival’s environmental impact. 
    We invite all our guests to join our sustainability efforts. Here’s how you can help:
    • Bring Reusable Water Bottles: Use our refill station to stay hydrated without contributing to plastic waste.
    • Properly Sort Your Waste: Use the designated sorting stations.
    • Use Public Transport or Carpool: Reduce your carbon footprint by opting for public transportation, walking, biking, or carpooling to the festival.
    • Limit Single-Use Items: Bring your own utensils, straws, and bags to minimize single-use plastic waste.
    Help us celebrate Taste of River while promoting a healthier planet! 

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