• Leah Nyikes - Owner & Founder, Liquid Lifestyles Swimming

    Leah Nyikes - Owner & Founder, Liquid Lifestyles Swimming

    Leah Nyikes
    Owner & Founder, Liquid Lifestyles Swimming
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    Leah Nyikes was destined to make a splash in life! In 1997, as a freshman in high school, Nyikes started her business, Liquid Lifestyles Swimming. Liquid Lifestyles provides swimmers of all ages and ability levels the necessary opportunities and resources to achieve personal swimming goals. Whether anxious to swim or an elite athlete, Nyikes and her team of experienced and passionate coaches. 
    To started, Nyikes conducted lessons out of her parent’s backyard pool in Avon Lake. After a few years, and with the desire to offer lesson year-round, she began partnering with local facilities, including community pools, private health clubs, YMCA’s and wellness centers. This decision allowed her to grow and, today Liquid Lifestyles is at 11 locations and has 22 professional coaches with clients ranging from 5 months old to 83 years old!
    As her company grew, Nyikes was interested in making more connections and joined the Chamber in 2018. It was suggested to her by many active members who are also small business owners.
    “I’ve really enjoyed the luncheons and the speakers. We’ve established some wonderful relationships with other RRCC members from the round-table discussions,” Nyikes shared.
    These new relationships serve as inspiration, but so do her clients. Nyikes shares that “each one of them are driven to improve themselves, their health, push their physical limits and many have truly remarkable goals and accomplishments. Their successes drive my passion and my own goals.”
    FUN FACTS about Leah: Leah lives in Bay Village with my partner, Billy Morris, and their 3 young boys, 2 dogs, a fish and a turtle. Billy and Leah started a food truck business a few years ago, “Smokin' Rock n’ Roll.” On the rare days Leah has “free time,” she enjoys working in her garden, going for leisurely bike rides (which usually end up at and ice cream parlor) and designing/remodeling her house. “We live a hectic, yet incredibly rewarding, lifestyle and I wouldn’t change the chaos for anything!” Leah expresses.

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