• Dr. Ryan Hooper - Owner/Optometrist, West Side Preventative EyeCare

    Dr. Ryan Hooper - Owner/Optometrist, West Side Preventative EyeCare

    Ryan Hooper, O.D.
    West Side Preventative EyeCare
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    New to the area and the Chamber, Dr. Ryan Hooper recently opened his full-service optometry clinic in Beachcliff Market Square just two months ago. West Side Preventative EyeCare offers exams, contact lenses, glasses and orthokeratology - a process that uses specially designed GP contact lenses to temporarily reshape the contour of the cornea to reduce myopia (nearsightedness).
    Hooper opened West Side Preventative EyeCare this January, and he joined the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce before his sign was even up at his new clinic! “As a new business owner, I was looking for a sense of community from those who have done it all before,” Hooper shares. Learn more here!
    Inspired by his mother, Annie, Hooper works hard every day to build his business as part of this caring community. “Her work ethic provided a roadmap for me to succeed. I’m honored she has decided to join me as my office manager,” Hooper said.
    As a December new member, Hooper attended the first event immediately – the Chamber’s annual Christmas Party at the Don Umerley Civic Center this past December. “The holiday party was obviously a blast. And, the food was tasty too! I made some friends in the Chamber a day after I joined!” he shared.
    FUN FACTS about Dr. Hooper: he lives in Lakewood with his girlfriend, Corrylee and their Jack Russell mix named Max – “you should see this little guy jump,” Dr. Hooper gushes! He enjoys computer programming and watching sports in his down time. “Manchester City is probably my favorite team aside from all Cleveland teams. #CmonCity!” said Hooper.

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