• Eric Smoloff - Sr. Account Executive, Pure Water Technology

    Eric Smoloff - Sr. Account Executive, Pure Water Technology

    Eric Smoloff         
    Sr. Account Executive
    Pure Water Technology           
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    Pure Water Technology takes care of the drinking water needs for companies all around Northern Ohio. “We provide a modern update for drinking water that is the same footprint as a typical cooler, but it uses your own water, gets rid of the metals, and has a self-cleaning U.S Patent that prevents the #1 issue of our industry – mold!” shares Sr. Account Executive, Eric Smoloff.
    Pure Water Technology joined the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce in January 2018 with hopes that Smoloff would gain familiarity of the dynamic business community on the west side of Cleveland. Smoloff, originally from Solon, moved to this area and was eager to get to know companies in his new home town. “I wanted to take advantage of a great platform to meet professionals within my network and build long lasting relationships along the way,” he said.
    Smoloff has been involved in the Chamber’s Business Expo since joining. “I love the Business Expo,” he shares. “It was by far the most exciting and enjoyable event for me personally and our company as a whole!...we have formed a lot of great partnerships with new companies within Rocky River and it has been very rewarding to be a part of a group with such a strong presence within the community.”
    He also expresses that “Expo has been the main highlight for me and has been such an incredible and effective way for me to form business partnerships.”

    FUN FACTS about Eric: Eric is a self-proclaimed “water guy” and proud of it! He married his wife Hanna this past June and purchased a house in Bay Village. Their family is growing, as they just brought home a miniature American Bulldog puppy named Biggie Smalls!
    Eric loves traveling, hiking, going to Edgewater Beach on the weekends. He continues his pursuit to find the best cheeseburger and chicken parmesan in existence! Any suggestions he should try? Reach out to Eric today!

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